09 Dec 2015

The last two days of the farm show were an absolute blast.  We got to touch base with a lot of great vendors and meet some customers that are looking for help to solve some problems they are already seeing but want to understand the overall depth of the problem. Meeting some of the vendors such as http://flyingag.com and http://www.cropcopter.co  were very insightful. It is truly amazing on the various experts and prospectives that there are out there.  One thing for sure is though, no one has the perfect answer.  Aerial imagery for agriculture is new.  It is proven to show value, but the trick is understanding that value and being to convey it so that anyone can understand it.

This is why we will be adding a new feature “plain English” to our aerial imagery reports that will break down the results that can easily understood by the farmer, the agronomist and even the researcher.  In the case of an vegetation index.  We will simply add labels that describe what colors of vegetation are stressed, which are semi-stressed and which are the healthiest. The fact is to most farmers an NDVI number next to a color is meaningless, but by providing a term we all understand and explaining what are potential stress causers, we hope that a meaningful conversation can be had between the farmer and the agronomist. This will allow farmers to understand what the images they are seeing are telling them, but also allow that same report to be consumed by the agronomist so they can provide solid guidance to the farmer in how to address potential issues.

We strive to improve our products and we continue to listen to our customers to understand their needs so we can provide the best value to them.

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